Issue 7 – Martina Ward talks to SRM

Welcome to SRM and to this new look Spring/Summer edition of Sim Racing Magazine.

We have a packed issue for you with articles and features from the very best people in our exciting world of sim racing. This editions theme is about going from sim to real world racing.

We have been busy too with the SRM GT4 Championship. Season 2 has now come to an end, but we are preparing for Season 3 which will start on the 30th May, once again like the other two seasons each race will be broadcast live by Chaz Draycott Media with Chaz being accompanied in the commentary box by Ed May.

Lots of Special Events have happened since our last issue, the last Special Event being the Daytona Classic that saw 36 teams and 72 drivers compete in the event. Again many thanks go to our broadcast team as well as our sponsors for making our GT4 championship and Special events possible. Our sponsors being Mydas Simulation, Blinds2Go, Orris Digital, Crockery Direct and a new sponsor who will also be with us next season Derbyshire Holiday Homes.

A very special thank you must go to Heinz Mayer from Orris Digital and Crockery Direct for providing medals, Certificates, Trophies and Champagne throughout our race events.

Andy (Editor)

Martina Ward
Screen to Speed
Fausto Pinto at Watkins Glen
Team Hard Racing eSports
Safest Team Award
SRM Team of Andy Marston & Paul Goffin
Radical Race Series
Mike Busson
Johnny Cullan at Sebring
JP Broadcasting
Big Dreams Little Voices - The Rainbow Trust
David Rolleston, blindfolded by James Parfitt @ iLounge Racing